Magnetic resonance imaging - the creation of images of objects, such as the body by use of the nuclear magnet resonance phenomenon

Mammography uses a special x-ray machine to produce images of breast tissue. It is an important way to help detect breast cancer and other breast conditions early---when they are most treatable.
Bone Densitometry
Osteoporosis is a debilitating disease that affects millions of people every year. However, early detection of this disease can lead to effective treatment.
Fluoroscopy is used to observe certain body structures at work. X-rays passing through the body are observed on a TV monitor.
Computerized Tomography
A rotating x-ray beam "scans" a narrow cross section of the body, many scans are taken. A computer reconstructs the image, which is displayed on a screen and permanently recorded.
General X-Ray
Rays pass through the body. The radiation is absorbed by the denser parts and easily passes through the less dense tissue. This information is recorded on the x-ray film on the other side of the body.
The visualization of deep structures of the body by recording the reflection of ultrasonic waves directed into the tissues and organs that bounce "echoes" back. The echoes are reflected through the transducer on a television monitor.
Cardiovascular Studies
Cardiovascular - pertaining to the heart and blood vessels. It can show movement inside the body, for example, when blood flows or the heart beats.
Nuclear Medicine
It is the use of very small amounts of radioactive material to diagnose... and sometimes treat disease.
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