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For the week of:6/12/00

Question: "What could be causing enlarged ducts and discharge of an orange colored liquid from the nipple in a 27 year old woman?"


Answer: A non-bloody nipple discharge in a 28 year old is almost always physiological (it is not associated with a disease process) and is not associated with an increased risk of breast cancer.  It  is usually self-limited and does not require any work-up beyond  a physical examination and possibly an ultrasound evaluation of the breast.  

If the discharge should persist or be associated with a definite enlargement of the duct (ductal ectasia), then a biopsy to remove that duct may be  necessary.  It is still almost certainly due to a benign (non-cancer) cause; however it should be evaluated by your physician.

By G. Steven Webb, M.D.
General Surgeon
General Surgery Group. P.A.


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